The Pre-hospital Research Forum was created to develop a network of practitioners seeking to improve pre-hospital emergency health care though the investigation and evaluation of research and evidence-based practice.

Journal clubs have often been cited as a bridge between research and practice as they encourage the application of research in clinical practice.

This online journal club allows clinicians to discuss current literature, it’s purpose being the critical evaluation of journal articles that impact upon the practice of pre-hospital emergency care within Australia. The aim is to critically appraise selected articles and studies (published in peer-reviewed journals within two years and impacting clinical practice) and discuss the relevance and usefullness of the research findings to clinical practice, including answering the question: “Based on the results of this study, should we change our practice?”

There are many advantages of participating in a journal club, including keeping abreast of new recommendations and guidelines; promoting awareness of current pre-hospital care research findings; learning to critique and appraise research; and encouraging research utilisation.

The Pre-hospital Research Forum, based in Perth, Western Australia, has been designed as an on-line discussion group/ journal club primarily due to the vast distances in Western Australia and difficulty in arranging events which allow participation by all shift workers. As the forum grows, however, traditional face-to-face journal club discussions, possibly combined with a social event, could be arranged.

Before you start commenting, please take the time to read the forum rules and guidelines. It is important that you understand and follow these, as it is the best way to keep both yourself and other people happy with the discussions in the forum.