Research into paramedic advanced airway management training

© Gary Wilson

© Gary Wilson

Australian paramedics and ambulance officers authorised to undertake advanced airway management techniques, including Laryngeal Mask Airways (LMAs) and endotracheal intubation, are invited to participate in a research study to investigate whether Western Australian paramedics are receiving sufficient theoretical, clinical and practical training in advanced airway management techniques to be competent and effective.

Both locally and internationally, the adequacy of initial advanced airway skills training, the level of experience available during hospital placements and prevention of skill erosion once qualified has questioned as to whether the continued teaching of endotracheal intubation is appropriate. Studies have highlighted adverse events and errors associated with intubation including poor outcomes; unrecognised tube displacement; oxygen desaturation; and bradycardia. Responses to the survey will allow a picture to be developed of the current airway management education and perceptions on the effectiveness of the training and identify possible improvements to current training practice.

Australian pre-hospital care providers who have undertaken intubation or LMA insertion in the last 12 months are invited to complete a questionnaire investigating training content, experience and confidence levels when undertaking airway management techniques for the study. The study, which will also utilise focus groups to investigate further participants’ experiences and beliefs, will suggest possible improvements to current training practice.

Further information and links to either the online or pdf questionnaire can be found at:

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